Get ready to light up
game night with
some buds!

Get ready
to light up game night with some buds!

Blazed is a one-of-a-kind cannabis smoking game combing risk, strategy and luck. This ain’t your grandma’s card and dice game! Well, maybe it is. In that case your grandma sounds HELLA cool & she should probably play too.

From the Creators

“We’ve officially launched & Blazed is now available!”



Everyone wins when you “Get Blazed!”


Players take turns rolling dice to earn points and collect cards for crushing opponents in an interactive, unpredictable and heated race to 10,000 points.

Learn the rules

Then roll high

& get blazed





In a world overloaded with drinking games, we wondered why there were so few out there for cannabis? We played some of the more popular ones available, but each time we were disappointed with a slow pace, boring gameplay or impossibly difficult instructions to understand.

Have you ever played a game that you absolutely loved but the fire just seemed to fizzle out? Sometimes we’ll get lured into buying expansion packs for a quick fix but find ourselves back in the same place faster than a joint burns at a Snoop Dogg concert.

 We made it our mission to bring friends and family together over and over again by creating what the world was missing. After 11 years, 7 prototypes, thousands of test games and more bowls than we could ever count, it’s time to fill that gap.





Start things off right – Once Blazed is set up, everyone takes a social hit.

Score any even thousand – Take two personal hits whenever your scoreboard point total is any even thousand at the end of your turn (ex 1000, 2000). Everyone takes a rip when the 7000 and 10000 point milestones are reached.

Reach a milestone point total – Take a personal hit when your scoreboard point total is equal to 4200, 6900 or 9900 at the end of your turn.

Get Blazed cards – Everyone takes a social hit whenever a Get Blazed card is played.

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Crowdfunded on Kickstarter

Over 100 blazers like you helped bring our game to life through crowdfunding. Check out our campaign here!

Dice included

3 White Dice for Standard Gameplay. 2 Black “Next Level” Dice

Cards included

120 high quality custom Blazed cards

Also includes

Compact Box, Instructions & Quick Reference Guide

Blazed Card & Dice Game urges

all players to smoke responsibly &

legally. That includes lining up safe

& sober transportation before

playing this game!

From the Creators

“We’ve officially launched & Blazed is now available!”



Good to know info

How many players?

120 cards bring 2 – 8 friends together! This game is not designed to be played on your own.

How much do I smoke?

That’s up to you! However much you’d like in a single hit. It’s a “choose your own adventure” part of the game!

Do I have to smoke?

Don’t smoke? Take a drink instead! Not drinking? Raw-dog it sober! Gettin’ blazed is just a bonus to the fun!

What does blazed mean?

Urban dictionary is great for things like this. It’ll help you find that answer! Check it out.

What Do I Smoke With?

Any device you choose! Joints aren’t recommended. Smoking is occasional & we don’t want to waste your stash.

Is This A Party Game?

Absolutely! From weekend parties to Tuesday with roommates, Blazed is the perfect game for almost any occasion.

Our goals

Make Magic
Be Social
Have Fun
Roll High
Get Blazed

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AGES 21 & UP

2 - 8 Players


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